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Expo Performance

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Service Description

This form allows you to book an appointment to discuss Kansas's availability for expo performances. Program Description: Kansas Carradine Brings Unforgettable Expo Performances to Life! Experience the thrill and grace of Kansas Carradine's expo performance, a showcase of equestrian artistry where horsemanship meets heart and spectacle. Kansas brings her unique blend of trick riding skills, ethical horsemanship, and Heart Math principles to life in an enthralling display that captivates audiences of all ages. This performance is not just an exhibition of equestrian prowess but a demonstration of the deep connection between rider and horse, infused with the principles of emotional intelligence and inner balance. Witness the seamless integration of physical skill and heart-centered connection, making each performance a memorable and inspiring experience. Join us for this extraordinary event where the beauty of equestrian artistry is celebrated in every ride, every trick, and every heart-stirring moment with Kansas Carradine.

Cancellation Policy

$100 non-refundable deposit We understand the nature of life. If for some reason, you can not attend the event, we can refund all but the deposit, or give credit for other services through Circus Cowgirl.

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1034 Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

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