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May 24 Online Animal Communication Class

Discover the Language of Connection with Lisa Marie Gorman and Kansas Carradine

Service Description

Embark on a 2.5 hour transformative journey with Kansas Carradine and Lisa Marie in our interactive online workshop on Animal Communication. Kansas, an esteemed equestrian expert and HeartMath® certified coach, and Lisa Marie, a HeartMath® Certified Master Trainer and Animal Communicator, will lead you through a comprehensive exploration of animal communication. This workshop covers the following: Understanding Animal Communication: Delve into the essence of what animal communication is and how it can enhance your relationships with animals. The Six Senses: Identify and develop the six ways of sensing to better understand and connect with animals. Clearing Mental and Emotional Chatter: Learn techniques to quiet your mind and emotions, creating a clear channel for communication. HeartMath® as a Foundation: Discover how HeartMath® principles can serve as a powerful foundation for effective animal communication. Ethics of Animal Communication: Understand the ethical considerations and responsibilities involved in communicating with animals. Breakout/Practice Session: Engage in small group activities to explore and discuss Relational Energetics of Communication: Explore the energetic aspects of communication and how they influence relationships with animals. This workshop is perfect for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of animals and enhance their ability to communicate with them, whether for personal enrichment or professional development. Join us to unlock the secrets of animal communication and transform your relationships with all earth's creatures.

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1034 Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

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