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2024 Gaucho Derby

A 10 day 500km multi-horse adventure race. One mistake navigating could cost you the race. Wilderness skills will make all the difference as riders camp out with only what they can carry on horseback.

Heart-Based Horsemanship Embodied in the 2024 Gaucho Derby 

In December of 2023, I made a last-minute commitment to participate in the adventure of a lifetime.  In February of 2024, I completed a 9-day, 670 kilometer (425 mile) wilderness expedition on horseback known as the The Gaucho Derby.  This event is the ultimate test of horsemanship and survival skills that pushes both horses and riders to their limits.

Few opportunities still exist that give humans such a deep experience of relying completely on our inter-species bond.  I had the honor of connecting with 7 incredibly talented horses, riding an average of 45 miles daily in the extremes of both weather and dangerous terrain to achieve what seemed nearly impossible.  I completed the journey with appreciation for every hoofbeat and heartbeat.

The horses brought me an even greater sense of awe for their unlimited capacities. The Heartmath meditations and techniques I applied were effective and powerful, and I am eager to share these tools and all of my experiences with others.

Learn the 10 steps I took to prepare for the Gaucho Derby

Co-creating with our Equine Partners

"My greatest desire is that this journey in some way will help the world learn about itself, learn about its home, and feel the connection to nature that is ever-present, important, and vital to our survival.  I strive to be an advocate for an ethical relationship with horses based on compassion and heart-based awareness." - Kansas Carradine


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Fueled by a genuine desire to deepen the bond between people and horses...

Kansas Carradine is on a mission to keep the heart of horsemanship alive. She's out to remind the world of just how important horses are in our lives today—especially in improving mental and emotional health for veterans and youth, improving cognitive function in seniors, and addressing ongoing societal challenges by showing us how to me more receptive, compassionate and self-aware.​


After over 30 years as an entertainer, Kansas is now committed to working in the Health & Wellness Sector, personally addressing the mental health crisis and passionately teaching tools for socio-emotional literacy not just to horse enthusiasts, but to adults and children from all walks of life. Through her advocacy and educational work, she's creating a legacy that will create an enduring and symbiotic connection between people and horses.Kansas strives to shift the spotlight onto these incredible animals, emphasizing how they are truly mirrors into our own soul.

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Gaucho Derby Gallery

Envision the thrill of galloping through the untamed landscapes of Patagonia, mounted on a powerful horse. Here are images that capture the essence of this extraordinary equine adventure. Photo Credit

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