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Learn Horsemanship with Circus Cowgirl



These noble qualities are the goals for most horse-lovers. How do we achieve them?

To navigate through the wealth of information available today, we need to be able to access our inner guidance. I feel it is a privilege to aid individuals in establishing a clear connection with themselves, understand their conscious and unconscious movements, and work on removing limiting inner attitudes that interfere with clear communication. The goal is for my clients to be able to connect with the wisdom of their own hearts in order to know what is the appropriate action to take when working with their equine partner, either mounted or on the ground. My background in English, Western, Classical Dressage, Liberty, Roman Riding and Trick Riding means that I adapt my approach to the needs of each situation.

More and more, I see the value of connecting with our horses on an energetic level that is not dependent on physical proximity. I am delighted to begin to publicly share these skills and techniques that I have used privately for the past decade in my work with horses in entertainment venues around the world.

I teach breathwork, HeartMath and Self-awareness practices to support a confident connection as you navigate through the vast ocean of modern horsemanship.

From a place of greater self-awareness and receptivity, then the technical part of working with your horse can be addressed. - Kansas 

Trick Riding Clinic

Check out the photo of Circus Cowgirl's Trick Riding Clinics, led by the skilled and passionate Kansas Carradine. Our clinics provide a unique opportunity for riders of all levels to explore the art of trick riding, a thrilling blend of athleticism, grace, and daring. Under Kansas's expert guidance, participants will learn the fundamentals of trick riding, develop new skills, and build confidence in a safe and supportive environment. Each clinic is a journey of discovery, pushing the boundaries of what you thought possible while deepening your bond with horses.

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