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Explore Circus Cowgirl Services: Where Equestrian Expertise Meets Personal Empowerment

Explore Services Offered by Circus Cowgirl

Explore the Circus Cowgirl page for an array of services by Kansas, including equine-guided education, heart-based animal communication, corporate trainings, expo performances, online courses, one-on-one private coaching, and private or public clinics, both nationally and internationally.


Register Now! July 27 & 28
Aromas, California Workshop
HeartMath, Horsemanship and Spirituality

Discover the Healing Power of HeartMath & Horsemanship Clinic! Unlock the secret to a deeper connection with horses and experience transformative wellness benefits. Join us at the HeartMath & Horsemanship Clinic for a journey of self-discovery and bonding with these majestic animals. Why Join? Unique Healing Interaction: Dive into the science showing how horses can influence our heart rate and emotional state for the better. Immense Physiological Benefits: Enjoy lower stress, reduced blood pressure, and a boost in positive emotions simply by being in the presence of horses. Personal Growth: Learn techniques to energetically connect with your horse, regulate emotions, and enhance your riding and handling skills. Clinic Highlights: Dates: July 27 & 28, 2024 Location: Aromas, CA Expert Guidance: Led by the renowned Kansas Carradine in collaboration with Adventures in Healing Day 1: Group Clinic Participate with your horse or join as an auditor. Snacks & drinks provided. Please bring a bagged lunch. Fees: Sliding Scale $200 - $300 ($250 is the recommended fee) Interactive Auditor $100 Day 2: Private Sessions One-on-one sessions with your horse for personalized guidance. Fees: Sliding Scale $200 - $300 ($250 is the recommended fee) On Sunday, auditing is not offered in order to preserve a private initmate space. BONUS! A post-clinic Zoom call with Kansas Carradine to help facilitate integration and continued growth. Don’t Miss Out! Elevate your horseman journey, reduce anxiety, and build confidence through heart-centered connection techniques. This clinic is a unique opportunity to learn from the best and immerse yourself in the serene environment of Aromas, California. Reserve Your Spot Now!

The Heart of Listening:
Animal Communication


Embark on a 2.5 hour transformative journey with Kansas Carradine and Lisa Marie in our interactive online workshop on Animal Communication. Kansas, an esteemed equestrian expert and HeartMath® certified coach, and Lisa Marie, a HeartMath® Certified Master Trainer and Animal Communicator, will lead you through a comprehensive exploration of animal communication. This workshop covers the following: Understanding Animal Communication: Delve into the essence of what animal communication is and how it can enhance your relationships with animals. The Six Senses: Identify and develop the six ways of sensing to better understand and connect with animals. Clearing Mental and Emotional Chatter: Learn techniques to quiet your mind and emotions, creating a clear channel for communication. HeartMath® as a Foundation: Discover how HeartMath® principles can serve as a powerful foundation for effective animal communication. Ethics of Animal Communication: Understand the ethical considerations and responsibilities involved in communicating with animals. Breakout/Practice Session: Engage in small group activities to explore and discuss Relational Energetics of Communication: Explore the energetic aspects of communication and how they influence relationships with animals. This workshop is perfect for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of animals and enhance their ability to communicate with them, whether for personal enrichment or professional development. Join us to unlock the secrets of animal communication and transform your relationships with all earth's creatures.

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Starts August 9!
Online Workshop in HeartMath®
8am PDT

Discover the transformative insights of HeartMath, a pioneering exploration into how our emotions and heart frequencies profoundly affect our physiology. This emerging research from the Institute of HeartMath is set to revolutionize our understanding and management of personal and interpersonal dynamics. ​ Kansas will delve into the heart of the matter, revealing how to utilize heart-based techniques to not only enhance intuition and interoception but also to nurture positive dynamics in our relationships with both humans and animals. This approach promises to optimize your life, relationships, and career through simple yet powerful tools. ​ The essence of HeartMath lies in its foundation of scientific research. Kansas will guide you through the science behind HeartMath, uncover its practical tools and applications, and show how its technology can help maintain emotional balance amidst the complexities of life. This comprehensive overview will arm you with the knowledge to use HeartMath to your advantage. Spanning four weeks, the program is designed to offer a deep dive into HeartMath's scientific underpinnings and its practical applications. You will learn how to apply this remarkable methodology to enhance your relationships with yourself, your animals, and others around you, leading to a more coherent and harmonious life. ​ Program Details: Format: A four-week program, with live sessions lasting 2.5 hours each week on Fridays, delivered via Zoom. Dates/Times: Sessions commence Fridays at 9 am PST/ 12pm EST on May 31, June 7, 14 and 21  Recordings: All sessions will be recorded, allowing participants to revisit the content at their convenience. Cost: The investment for this transformative experience is $350.00  Sliding Scale Payment Available To join this unique journey and revolutionize your approach to relationships and self-regulation, secure your spot and start your journey towards a life of greater coherence and connection. ​ Registration Below at LIVE ONLINE HEARTMATH COURSE

Kansas at Work

Explore the Gallery below for a visual recap of a recent large-scale fundraiser, showcasing moments of engagement, learning, and community spirit. These photos capture the essence of the event, highlighting Kansas Carradine's dynamic involvement and the meaningful interactions that took place.

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