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with Kansas

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Unveiling the Science of Heart Coherence in Relationships and Self-Regulation

Emerging research from the Institute of HeartMath sheds light on the profound impact our emotions and heart frequencies have on our physiology.


My journey with HeartMath began in 2003, initially as a method to understand and regulate my own intense emotions. This pursuit of inner awareness unveiled that HeartMath's tools were exceptionally beneficial in cultivating compassion, coherence, and poise in my interactions with horses.

Today, I harness the power of heart-based techniques to enhance intuition, interoception, and foster positive dynamics in my relationships with both humans and animals. I'm excited to offer both private coaching sessions and group classes online, sharing the tools and techniques that have been instrumental in my life for over two decades.


In each session, I provide an overview of the science behind HeartMath, explore its practical tools and applications, and demonstrate how HeartMath technology can assist in maintaining emotional balance amidst life’s challenges.


"When I find myself feeling anxious or worried, I have started asking myself if it is true care, or overcare - this is really helping me to break the anxiety spiral! 

I have also starting filling out a depletion & renewal chart in my journal at the end of every day. This is helping me track patterns, and prevents me from ignoring the things that deplete me."


Amanda from Oregon

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Inspiration From a Student

What lessons from  The Heart Knows (THK) Class stood out most strongly for you?


I felt incredibly emotionally balanced, and energetically open after this, and very much in my heart space after just that simple opening practice, which was so simple yet SO powerful! After each class, and practicing the techniques... It was like my heart reminded my mind and body that 'home" is really the heart space, not my brain and thinking space...and made it so easy to slip back into that empathetic, calm space throughout the days following the sessions, no matter how stressful the environment outside of me seemed to be.

How has your perspective changed since learning the HeartMath® tools?


My perspective has changed since learning the Heartmath Tools in the sense that I understand how I may be able to support a conversation or situation to stay in Coherence with HeartMath techniques even further than I did prior to the course, by breathing into my heart space, sending love and heart energy to someone near me, supporting them to stay in Coherence as well. I also had been struggling to definitively hear my guides, or know how to decipher when they were leading me; I was waiting to "hear" them in my brain/mind versus how they actually came through, which was in my heart as a felt sensation and not a heard one! I came to realize that my guides came from my heart space. I seemed to be waiting for them to "speak" to me, in my mind, not realizing that the messages were going to be from my heart, not my mind. This was a HUGE realization, and once I had it, it was like the flood gates opened and I haven't been able to turn them off (which I don't want to do!). A truly amazing gift. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Freeze Frame Technique, and feel it is extremely valuable in high intensity environments. I plan on incorporating the FFT into my pre race practices, and I feel with the visualization aspect of this practice, it is potentially highly valuable in sports scenarios! - A. L.  from Oregon

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