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Hear From Our Community: Real Stories of Transformation and Connection

Your Stories Help Kansas Reach Her Goals

At Circus Cowgirl, every testimonial shines as a beacon of inspiration and holds a special place in our collective journey. Your heartfelt stories beautifully capture the transformative journey we embark on together with both horses and humans. 

Your experiences, your narratives of transformation, and your expressions of joy are invaluable. They serve as a compass that guides our journey, encouraging us to evolve and live more compassionately.

Thank you for your unwavering support and loyalty, and for joining us in making Circus Cowgirl a sanctuary where understanding and joy blossom for both horses and humans alike.

With heartfelt gratitude,



I was part of a HeartMathⓇ course that Kansas organized. It was a game changer. Her ability to explain the concepts and information and guide you through learning the practice of heart field mediations was deeply fulfilling. It gave me a finer appreciation of the heart's creative capacity, and practical eye opening tools for making positive change in my life, the lives of the people and animals around and me, and very much with my horse. These are life changing tools that anyone can incorporate into your every day, for all scenarios. Thank you Kansas for your dedication and passion to making lasting progressive change in the hearts of many, one heart at a time.

Rachael Bouch D Osteopath / Equine Bodyworker

Kansas offers us a rare opportunity to contact a state of wholeness within and communicate that to our horses. 

Her guidance holds a lantern in the darkness of our unconscious awareness. Her presence is clear as a bell, and she is able to see and speak directly to the heart of whatever stands in the way of harmony and understanding between horses and humans.


Don’t miss an opportunity to be with this most amazing teacher!

Leah Feliz 
Five Star Equestrian
Pleasanton, CA

I would strongly recommend that any barn that desires to incorporate good  horsemanship into their program with the goal of benefiting the relaIonship between their horses and riders, invite Kansas to come out and demonstrate that first and foremost, the rider must respect the way their horse thinks, feels and responds and then understand how to slow down and interpret their horse’s behavior to know when to introduce something new so that the horse will be willing and comfortable to cooperate.


She was able to show our young riders how important it is to be in tune with their horse’s feelings about a situation and when to choose the right moment to ask for something new.


The gentleness and understanding I witnessed every moment that Kansas  worked with our horses was overwhelmingly touching and showed even me how much horses are willing to do when you truly understand them and work with them on their time. The horses are well cared for during this clinic and I felt very comfortable giving Kansas the space to work with them on her terms without interfering. I hope that she will return to our barn again so that more of our clients can benefit from this unique and enriching experience."


Evelyn Brown, California

Kansas is a naturally gifted teacher who engages people easily in her classes. Time flies by when she's teaching HeartMath techniques. Her knowledge of the science behind it coupled with her personal examples of how she uses these tools in her daily life, helped me to learn the basics of HeartMath quickly and easily. Until I took this class, I didn't realize there was a better way of trying to cope with daily stress than what I typically do when my stress levels start to climb. Usually I distract myself from a stressful situation instead of learning how to deal with it head on. Kansas taught me that there's a better way to deal with a tough situation by using HeartMath techniques in the moment instead of avoidance.

As Kansas taught me, the beauty of these techniques is that you have everything you need to deal with any situation at the ready. As the mom of young adults and as program director of a small nonprofit that works with horses, this has proven nothing short of invaluable. I have been able to use some of the HeartMath techniques to help a blind horse calm itself down in a moment of crisis as well as help his caregivers learn to relax too or most recently when I took my daughter to college and helped her move into her new living situation. You better believe I used heart-centered breathing to help manage that chaos! I have used the heart centered breathing to get myself ready for presentations at work and for dealing with unexpected life events as they occur. There really is no limit to how HeartMath can help you in your daily life. Thank you Kansas for helping me learn how to manage my stress better!

Testimonial from Evelyn Brown, California

Ruby George

Amira and I went from a relationship of tension, fear, and frustration, to a relationship of acceptance, intuition, and mutual listening after our one session with Kansas. We now enjoy our outings together with big brother Nick and have discovered the joys of splashing in the ocean and galloping down the beach. Amira even invited me on her back after 6 months of violently rejecting the thought. I am forever grateful.

Annie Ballard

Meet Benicio, Benny, Ben-Ben. My first horse. In the two and a half years we've known each other, we've taken each other to a place of terror and frustration more times than I want to think about, while still being in love. Many people have suggested that I get a different horse. Well let's just say I've promised Benny that he won't be going anywhere. Kansas, our time with you this fall validated my feeling that he and I are meant to have a future together, and that the good will expand while the fear retreats. I've also discovered that he really prefers the name Butterscotch Spice Muffin. Thanks for your playful approach and positivity!!


Rumor and I started our journey in September together and we’re so lucky to have worked with Kansas in October!!! Resetting our relationship to work on heart connection first, building mutual trust, and learning how to work in balance together has really reframed things for us. Excited to see where our journey goes!!! Lots of love from Truckee!

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