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Celebrate the launch of the new Circus Cowgirl Website! 🚀🎪

From Kansas’s Friend, Kali Kiger, Founder of PonyPros -

I am eager for you all to see the new Circus Cowgirl website! I hope you’ll feel as I do that this new website makes it so much easier to connect with Kansas, one of our favorite horsewomen and humans!

Over the years, one of the challenges presented to Kansas has been merging her two passions and making sense of two very different skill sets - trick riding and heart-based personal development work. Between the About page and the HeartMath page we hope to help others see how Kansas’s trick riding career has helped her to deepen her connection with horses through self-knowledge. Trick riding required of Kansas that she maximize her own personal level of self-regulation and emotional fitness, which, in turn, created a deeper connection with self, with horse, and with universal energy as a whole. By virtue of the pressures Kansas has undergone as a performer (for example often needing to appear care-free and graceful doing some of a rider’s most extreme tasks) Kansas found her way to a beautifully solid heart place that she is called share with others.  

Kansas is thrilled to be able to showcase her offerings around the world. On the Services page you can book online courses or inquire about hosting a clinic. Everything is automated so you can choose a time and pay for your class right then and there. Kanas offers sliding scale payments and scholarships as well! 

From the Services page, you can also schedule with a call with Kansas to discuss setting up private coaching, hosting a clinic, or arranging a corporate training at your company. No doubt as a Kansas fan you feel as I do that the more people who are familiar with this heart-based work the better! 

As the website grows, we are excited to include more information about Kansas’s amazing volunteering work. On the homepage you can see a recent video of Kansas working with Compton Cowboys. This organization uses horseback riding and equestrian culture to provide a positive influence on inner-city youth, and to combat negative stereotypes about African-Americans in the Los Angeles-area city of Compton. Check out the video to see what a great partnership this was! Additionally, we are looking forward to sharing videos of Kansas working with Connected Horse. Connected Horse helps people affected by dementia access life-changing equine-guided workshops. 

One of my favorite pages on the site is the Media page. There you can see the plethora of brands Kansas has worked with and events she has played a key role in. Videos from past performances are fun to see and helpful when you want to convince your friends that Kansas is a very talented horse woman who they should seek an opportunity to ride with. If you’re considering hosting Kansas, flyers from past clinics will help you mentally organize for your event. This page will soon be filled with podcasts as well as Kansas has been on several shows recently!

The Calendar page will help Kansas’s circle stay up-to-date on where she is in the world. Knowing when activities are happening will make it easier for we who are already in Kansas’s network to connect our friends far and near with opportunities to work with this amazing horse woman and mentor. 

It is my sincere hope that the launch of this website will help Kansas share her knowledge and heart with the world.

Please check out the website and share your feedback. We hope that you are inspired to work with Kansas and straightaway send a link to your friends encouraging them to join an online course! The next one starts March 2 so register soon! 

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