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One-on-One Online Coaching

Empower Your Journey: Personalized Coaching for Personal Development and Self-Discovery

Service Description

Private Coaching available by zoom or phone. Identify and clear any obstacles that are blocking your personal growth with evidence based research from the HeartMath Institute. This easy to understand modality will help you achieve your goals for better health, energy, optimism, and more. Some of the topics cover include: Horsemanship Personal Growth Preparing for an elite event, and have questions of how to improve performance Mental Health services Compassion Fatigue Stress Management Spiritual Guidance Experience the transformative power of personal coaching with Kansas Carradine. Our one-on-one online coaching services offer a unique opportunity to connect directly with Kansas, tapping into her extensive expertise in horsemanship, personal growth, and emotional intelligence. Tailored to your individual needs, these sessions provide guidance, support, and actionable strategies, coupled with proven HeartMath Techniques to enhance your relationship with horses and foster personal development. Whether you're seeking to improve your equestrian skills, boost your confidence, or navigate life's challenges with greater clarity and purpose, Kansas is here to guide you every step of the way. Start your journey towards a more empowered self and a deeper connection with your Self and your equine partner today!

Cancellation Policy

$100 non-refundable deposit We understand the nature of life. If for some reason, you can not attend the event, we can refund all but the deposit, or give credit for other services through Circus Cowgirl.

Contact Details


1034 Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

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